Pamukkale is a very rich region in terms of thermal water. Pamukkale has already been used as a spa / health facility for 2300 years. In fact, the Hierapolis Ancient City immediately adjacent to it has an enormous influence as it was a rich and important city. People from different geographies came to find healing here or the wealthy bosses came to live here after retiring. It is now known that it is good for some dry and itchy skin diseases.

Patients who wish to find healing by swimming in this water, which is especially good for rheumatism, come here both from Turkey and around the world.

These thermal waters and minerals in it give the white appearance to Pamukkale. The temperature of the thermal waters in the region varies between 35 and 100 degrees Celsius. When it comes into contact with oxygen, the calcium carbonate in the water reacts and precipitates. This is the sediment we feel under our feet in the travertine. Over time, this gel consistency hardens and forms travertine. In the same way, it starts to cover the places that it flows on.

Here, you also have the chance to swim in the Antique Pool in Hierapolis, also known as Cleopatra Pool that dates from the second century B.C.

One of the most important activities in Pamukkale is paragliding. This is both an adrenaline-laden and peaceful activity. Be sure to include the privilege of viewing the city skyline set around white travertine to your travel plans. As you can take off from Pamukkale Ruins, Honaz Mountain and Serinhisar are also available for paragliding.